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What Matters To Us

Potomac Point Group has been providing solutions for firms in the mortgage finance industry for nearly a decade. Our team of experienced management consultants, equipped with a specialized knowledge of mortgage finance, has established our reputation as a reliable partner for a variety of institutions, including: government-sponsored enterprises, large and small banks, hedge funds, and single and multifamily mortgage businesses. Our consultants bring a wide range of skills and experiences to solve our clients' challenges. 


We built our practice around the following values: 


Valuing People: We put the utmost importance on relationships both with our clients and employees. We provide teams who combine the functional and industry knowledge to contribute immediately. We build lasting relationships by consistently providing high quality people and services.    


Doing Right: We hold this value at the core of everything we do. We believe every business decision should meet the test of being the right thing to do, even if it is not the most immediately profitable. We are willing to speak hard truths when necessary and to turn down engagements we don't believe we are well-suited to take. 


Being Nimble and Flexible: We believe that providing a few consultants with the right skill-sets for each engagement provides the greatest value to our clients, not just staffing the biggest team. From there, we stress being adaptable to changing client needs.  As a boutique firm, we are uniquely nimble and responsive to client needs.


Delivering Tangible Results: We want our clients to be able to measure the benefits of our services, both during and long after our engagement.   

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