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Working at Potomac Point Group

There are many reasons why we like working at Potomac Point Group (PPG for short).  Some of us will say the projects are interesting and provide the challenges we are looking for to help expand our industry knowledge and abilities.  Others will highlight the regular firm-wide meetings, flat organization structure, and emphasis on growth beyond our day-to-day client work.  However, we all agree that PPG is an enjoyable place to work.  We strive to make sure our employees are performing at their best and constantly improving their skills in a positive atmosphere.  Take a look at some of the things that make PPG such a great place to work.

Challenging and Impactful Projects

We focus on opportunities to help clients innovate, tackle change, and make lasting enhancements to their business.  Some of our recent projects have included baselining default management processes for a mid-sized bank, redesigning the process and control structure for the legal department of one of the world’s largest hedge funds, and driving critical operational readiness and change management efforts for one of the nation’s largest mortgage investors and government sponsored enterprises.  If you’re interested in learning more about some of our engagements, check out our case studies page.

Personal and Professional Growth

We put a lot of time and effort into our hiring process to continue to build our team with great people who are excited to grow along with the firm.  An important part of that means helping progress careers in ways that interest the individual.  Each consultant is assigned a junior and senior development manager who are focused on career growth.  Acting as personal advocates, the development managers meet with the consultant on a regular basis to set career goals, track progress, identify training and education opportunities, and discuss client work.  At PPG, it is essential that we are committed to an individual’s personal and professional progression.

Challenging and Impactful Projects
Making PPG Better

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an employee at PPG is the ability to take initiative.  Whether it’s related to our marketing strategy, employee benefits, firm-wide meetings, social events, or even the website design – if you see something that can be improved, you are empowered to change it.  There’s no end to the creativity and passion that we have for helping our company improve.

The Fun Stuff

Although many of us work primarily at the client-site, we take advantage of every opportunity to connect, collaborate, and socialize.  We check in with each other via weekly company-wide meetings and get together at our office to discuss our projects, upcoming opportunities, and other events.  It gives us a fun way to stay informed about what’s going on with our client work and talk about ways to improve the firm.  Outside of the office, we’ve gone to numerous team dinners, Nationals and DC United games, TopGolf, and happy hours.  Our work is paramount, but we always make time to have a little fun.  

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