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What We Do

Potomac Point Group specializes in business transformation, change management, and process design. We provide the highest quality consultants and services to our clients. Our consultants bring a wide range of skills and experiences to solve our clients' challenges. 


Our clients have included: large and small banks; health insurance companies; hedge funds; government-sponsored enterprises; and single and multifamily mortgage businesses.    

Business Transformation

We develop and operationalize transformation strategies to help clients stay ahead of and react to changing market and regulatory environments.  


Current State Assessment: We identify a starting point for transformation and determine the scale of change required to achieve strategic objectives. We diagnose existing hurdles to meeting those objectives—both internal and external—and build actionable plans to overcome them.     

Strategy Development: We partner with clients to develop a strategy that will enable their future vision. We tailor each strategy to a client’s unique starting point, positioning within the market, and strengths and weaknesses.   


Performance Improvement: We target and assess key areas where clients can improve performance. We develop and execute plans that deliver lasting improvements and position clients well for the future. 


Organization Design: We create organizational designs that align with a client’s vision, performance objectives, and anticipated resource needs.  


Change Management: Once a client has established a strategy to transform a business, we develop a plan and manage its execution to successful completion.

Change Management

Change is hard and any initiative, whether rolling out a new technology or fundamentally transforming a business, will face challenges. Our team works alongside client staff to face the inevitable challenges head-on, and to implement change successfully.


Adoption and Rollout: We provide project and program management for adoption and rollout of new strategies and technologies.  


Alignment: We work with clients to build alignment around and support for change. The best strategies and technology investments will fall flat without support from the broader organization, which is why we build change management strategies that engage and empower employees.  


Maximize Benefits of Change: We work with our clients during and after implementation to measure, track and evaluate results, making sure that the full benefits of change are realized.  

Business Process Improvement and Design

We help clients find a better way to operate, whether that is through improved efficiency, higher quality, better service, reduced risk, improved regulatory compliance, or all of the above.    


Current State Assessment: We use a fact-based approach to baseline current performance and help clients focus on improvement opportunities with the highest return on investment.


Process Design/Redesign: We facilitate the design of new processes that support client objectives while minimizing cycle time and cost. We analyze and assess current state processes to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, breakdowns, risks, and noncompliance. We redesign processes to address current state shortcomings and deliver improved results. 


Process Documentation: We support the development of process documentation to help ensure that the impact of redesign efforts are lasting. In the long term, these process assets increase operational control, reduce errors or variation, and meet regulatory or audit requirements.   

Technology Services

As business and technology are increasingly intertwined, PPG's deep expertise in both areas allows us to solve complex problems where they intersect in the financial services industry. In addition to business analysis and subject matter expertise, our people are experienced and certified in many areas of technology, from data work to Agile transformation.


Technology Portfolio, Program, and Project Management: We help clients manage large scale technology/software changes as well as the organization and operation of technology groups at all levels. Our expertise includes creating release plans and overseeing multi-asset software releases with all associated communications to stakeholders and executives. With our experience on both the business and technology sides of change, we serve as the interface between those teams to ensure completion of deliverables and milestones within deadlines while keeping all parties aligned. At the portfolio level we facilitate creation of multi-year budgets, schedules, and resourcing plans. We aid our clients in creating roadmaps to execute their strategic visions and drive consensus across competing priorities.

Technology Process Improvement: We work with clients to effect change within their technology operations; conducting process review and improvement to help technology teams achieve peak performance. We work with our clients' delivery models, Agile or otherwise, to ensure optimal value delivery, reporting structures, and organizational efficiency.

Requirements Management: We help business users clearly articulate their desired technology capabilities/improvements, and translate them into concrete requirements. Our consultants combine technical ability with business understanding to fully capture all sides of requirements and manage the full implementation life cycle. With this holistic approach, we help drive complex requirements to completion.

Practice Areas
  • Financial Services

    • Single-Family Mortgage

    • Multifamily Mortgage

    • Securitization

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