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Our Culture

In 2011, we had a vision to create a consulting company that we wanted to work for.  After working together for several years, we joined our complimentary experiences and backgrounds to launch Potomac Point Group – a boutique consulting firm specializing in business transformation, process design, and change management with a focus on the mortgage finance industry.

We founded the company on four core principles: Valuing People, Doing Right, Being Nimble and Flexible, and Delivering Tangible Results. We were determined to create a practice different from the conventional consulting firm.  Our backgrounds in consulting, strategy, and technology – and our expertise in mortgage finance – allowed us to provide exceptional service in our niche part of the market.  Meanwhile, our people and relationships were, and continue to be, the centerpiece of our culture.


From the beginning, we wanted to foster an environment where our employees are empowered to help us drive the ongoing development of the firm.  We value transparency, honest feedback, diverse points of view, and the open exchange of ideas.  We promote collaboration in all that we do; whether it’s working side-by-side with a client, pushing a new firm initiative, or helping each other learn new skills.  We don’t see the need for rigid reporting structures or micro-management because we entrust each member of our team with the responsibility to help the firm – and our clients – improve and deliver. 


Our close working relationships with our clients have allowed us to grow significantly since our founding.  These relationships are primarily grounded in listening, learning, and understanding our client’s organization.  With this personal, collaborative mindset, we are able to effectively partner with our clients on their most important initiatives and pressing challenges.


Looking forward, growth continues to be a major part of our strategy.  We are consistently seeking individuals who are exceptionally talented, intellectually curious, and simply fun to be around.  If you’re interested in joining our unique, driven team or would like to learn more about our service offerings, please reach out to us.  We look forward to hearing from you!




The Partners

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