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Housing Development

Potomac Point Group (PPG) was engaged to help coordinate the development, submission, and execution of the Equitable Housing Finance plan as mandated by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

Project Management - Establishing PMO

   Project Background    

A Top Public Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) required assistance in the establishment of a Program Management Office (PMO) tasked with organizing and coordinating the contents of the plan and beginning execution of the 50+ projects within plan after receiving regulatory approval.

Developing a Program Handbook detailing meeting cadences, agenda templates, role responsibilities, reporting schedules, and other pertinent information

PPG deployed a team with experience in program management to facilitate the creation of the PMO, resolve friction points between divisions, and develop a robust reporting mechanism to keep all stakeholders apprised of the program’s status. PPG created and managed a resource requirement tracker to provide executive leadership with insight. Lastly, PPG established a project-level reporting system for project managers to communicate statuses monthly and synthesized those reports into program-level updates for executive leadership and FHFA

   PPG Engagement  
Assisting the project managers with the development of Key Performance Indicators and tracking those over time to ensure projects were on target and that risks and issues were elevated as appropriate

The client successfully developed and submitted the plan in accordance with FHFA’s deadline and began execution with clear reporting standards and lines of communication. Executive leadership and the FHFA were able to clearly see progress at the program and project level, and quickly understand the nature and severity of any risks and issues that arose.

   Project Outcomes   
Creating and managing a resource requirement tracker to provide executive leadership with insight into the anticipated additional resources needed to execute the Plan
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