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Housing Development

Credit Score Initiative Stakeholder Map

The upcoming changes to mortgage credit scores will have broad impact across the mortgage and secondary market landscapes.

Issuers & Guarantors
  • ​Freddie Mac

  • Fannie Mae

  • Ginnie Mae

  • Private Label Issuers

  • Government Agencies (i.e., Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Affairs, Department of Agriculture)

Originators & Servicers
  • ​​Lenders

  • Brokers & Third-Party Originators

  • Mortgage Insurers 

  • Title Companies

  • Servicers & Sub-Servicers

  • Bond Administrators

  • Federal Housing Finance Agency 
    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • Housing & Urban Development

  • U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

  • ​​Data Analytics & Models

  • Pricing Vendors

  • LOS Vendors

  • POS Vendors

  • Third Party Aggregators

  • Disclosure Vendors

  • ​​Investors in MBS, REMICs & CRT (e.g., Asset Managers, Funds)

  • Trustees

  • Dealers

  • Rating Agencies



Consumer Advocates &
Industry Advisors
  • Non-profits (e.g., National Fair Housing Alliance, National Consumer Law Center, Center for Responsible Lending, Housing Counselors)

  • Trade Groups (e.g., MBA, SIFMA, SFA)

  • Think Tanks (e.g., Housing Policy Council, Urban Institute)

Credit Scoring Ecosystem
  • ​Credit Score Modelers (i.e., FICO & Vantage)

  • Credit Reporting Agencies  

  • Credit Report Resellers

The stakeholder map was developed in conjunction with Sam Oliver, industry advisor and subject matter expert.

This is part of Keeping Score - a resource center developed by PPG to analyze the credit score transition. Click here for more information.

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